Amazon Echo Look Now Available to All US Buyers, Priced at $199

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Last time we talked about Amazon’s Echo Look was when it was first announced, all the way back in April of last year. Well, the style-focused camera that runs Alexa can now be purchased by anyone in the US, priced at $199.

With Echo Look, you can create a 360-degree catalogue for all of your clothes, with the smarts of the camera capable of suggesting ways to improve your style. On top of the fashion aspect, which is really just a way to sell you more clothes, you’ll get full access to Alexa for your digital assistant needs.

When we wrote Echo Look up initially, Kellen asked his wife about it. Here’s what he wrote.

I just asked my wife to come check this thing out. She’s a fashion freak. Always knows the latest styles and trends, follows fashion bloggers, and generally knows her sh*t when it comes to style. Her reaction was, “That’s pretty cool, except for the gimmicky style check thing.” I’m paraphrasing, but she certainly saw how this could be cool. She already takes pictures of outfits, so why not have a hands-free way to do so that also catalogs those outfits and gives her all the angles as she’s trying to pick something out.

That about sums it up.

Follow the link below to get one for yourself or your loved one.

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