Project Fi Lets You Add Kids Under 13 to Your Family Plan

project fi family plan

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Project Fi opened up its family plans to the whole family today. Starting now, you can add everyone in the clan, including kids under the age of 13 to your Fi plan.

With a family plan on Project Fi, you can keep an eye on the amount of data your kids are using, set data alerts, and show them how much data they are using. For more controls, Google’s Family Link lets you manage the apps they use, see how much screen time they have, and even remotely lock their phones down. You’ll need Family Link in order to add those under the age of 13.

How much do family plans cost on Fi? Check out this link┬áto start. What you’ll do is pay $20 for the first line for calls and texts, followed by $15 per additional line. From there, you have a data cost that starts at $60 for the first person, then jumps to $100 for 2 people, $120 for 3 people, and so on. It’s also a pay-per-usage thing, since this is Fi. Again, hit that link above for the full explainer.

To get started, you’ll need a Fi account and a Family Link account setup.

Sign-ups: Project Fi | Family Link

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