T-Mobile Kicks Off BOGO Bonanza Sale to Lock You Into Two 2-Year Contracts


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T-Mobile kicked off a sale today that they are calling BOGO Bonanza. It’s a buy one, get one $700-$800-off deal on a bunch of their most popular phones, including the Galaxy S9, iPhone X and 8, LG V30 and G7 ThinQ. It’s also one of those bill credit schemes to get you to sign a couple of 2-year contracts.

The deal works like this – you pick any two phones that are a part of the deal, buy them both on equipment installment plans (EIP), and T-Mobile will then give bill credits up to $800, spread out over 24 months to cover the cost of whichever phone is the cheaper of the two. Some of the phones also require a trade-in (ex: iPhone X), and some pairings only get you $700 or $720 back in credits. It’s different for each phone, so read the fine print.

As you guys know, I’m not exactly a fan of these types of deals. They are the new 2-year contract. Carriers talk you into signing up for two 24-month payment plans by saying you are getting a phone for free, but you only get that value by sticking with them for the full 2 years. They want your service for the long haul and this is the current scheme in order to do just that. The deals are fine if you plan to stick with a carrier, though, as they do credit you back the value of phones and do (in a way) make them “free.” Just know that bill credits often don’t start for a couple of billing cycles, so you may be on the hook out of the gate for both phones.

To see the full list of phones and the fine print for each, hit up that link below.

T-Mobile BOGO Bonanza



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