Thursday Poll: Do You Own a Smart Speaker?

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I’m one of those weirdos who blindly ignores any and all privacy concerns that come with products like Google Home or Amazon Echo because I’m a fan of future tech, especially when it allows me to control my smart home without ever lifting a finger. In fact, the NVIDIA Spot¬†was probably the product from 2017 that I most looked forward to, because it was going to give me a voice controlled house without breaking the bank. Of course the Spot never arrived, so I’m the guy with a Google Home or Mini in each room instead. Again, straight weirdo.

I’m curious what your take is on Google Home and Amazon Alexa full-home saturation or general acceptance. And what I mean by that is – do you own one? If so, how many? Did you go Google Home or Amazon Echo? Are you really whacky and using both? How’s that playing out? If you are still avoiding a smart speaker, I’d also love to know why.

Vote, y’all.

Do You Own a Smart Speaker?

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