OnePlus 5T is Done in the US

OnePlus 5T

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You can’t buy the OnePlus 5T in the US anymore. It’s out of stock, as we noted last week, and won’t be returning.

OnePlus confirmed the news to Engadget on Friday, stating that they sold through already, thanks to stronger-than-expected demand. That may seem a bit wild, but it’s pretty much how OnePlus operates. They release a single phone at a time, sell it for a while until they sell through their target, then kill the phone off from production until the next phone arrives.

While selling quicker than you expected is always a good problem to have (OnePlus 5T arrived only 4 months ago), that creates another – they don’t have any phones to sell in the US. Remember, we expect a OnePlus 6 soon, but OnePlus hasn’t announced it yet.

Hopefully, you got those 5T orders in because time is up.

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