Google Adds Doorbell Support to Google Home for Video Streams, Notifications When Someone Rings It

nest hello google assistant

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Now that Nest Hello is available and ready for mounting in place of your current doorbell, it makes sense that Google would prepare its Assistant and Home units to work with it. And today, they’ve already done that, by allowing you to pull up doorbell feeds with a simple voice command, as well as hear notifications when someone shows up at your door.

Like they did with video feeds from smart home cameras, Google has added doorbell support, starting with Nest Hello. Once everything has been setup properly, saying “Hey Google, show doorbell” (or whatever nickname you’ve given it) will bring up a feed from your Nest Hello on Chromecast devices. You can use the command from your phone too.

Additionally, with doorbells like Nest Hello, you can have your Google Home units tell you when someone rings your doorbell. While I haven’t tried it just yet, in theory you should get a voice prompt from Google Home that says, “Someone is at your door,” the minute the button on it is pushed.

To get all of that setup, you’ll want to hit the link below as it has all of the step-by-step instructions.

// Google Home Support



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