Instagram Reported to Soon Offer Its Own In-App Portrait Mode

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According to TechCrunch, Instagram will soon launch an in-app Portrait Mode, meaning anyone with a phone who doesn’t already have a kickass selfie mode in their camera’s software can now rely on Instagram.

Apparently, this unannounced and unofficial setting has been sitting inside of the app’s code for some time, discovered during a recent APK teardown.

From what we can tell, you will access this “Portrait Shutter” just like you would Boomerang or Superzoom. When inside of Instagram’s camera, just swipe the screen until you find the mode you’re looking for.

With this mode, it seems like a safe bet that software will allow for the blurring effect you see in most Portrait Modes. You know, that super sexy bokeh look that brings out all of the beautiful details in your face.

We have no official word from Instagram regarding this mode’s release, but considering it appears to be in the app, we could be close.

// TechCrunch



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