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I probably already know where this poll is headed, but I still want to see the numbers.

We’re bringing up this subject of Android flavors today, because the folks at OnePlus have asked their OnePlus followers which version of Android they prefer: pure or OxygenOS. Of course, when you ask your loyal fans if they prefer your product to someone else’s, I think we know how that might weigh on the results. Still, they seem excited that people like OxygenOS. Heck, even we like OxygenOS!

But which is your favorite of them all in 2018? If you had a choice of Android flavor, which would you take every time? And I’m not talking about Oreo vs. Nougat vs. Gingerbread. I’m talking about the flavor of Android skin, which even Google has a version of at this point.

If you own a Samsung phone, you get the Samsung Experience. Own an LG phone? You get LG’s latest UX. Love HTC? They still have HTC Sense on top of Android. Never say “no” to Google? Well, the Pixel phones 100% have their own Google skin. Google is no longer shipping stock Android on their phones, they instead ship the Pixel Experience. Want purely stock Android? Essential has you covered there. Want an upgraded stock-like experience? OnePlus and Moto have something for you.

Ready? Pick your flavor.

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