Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Become Better Deal, Update Will Remove Lockscreen Ads (Updated)

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Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phone line-up has always been one to consider while simultaneously wanting to throw-up. By purchasing an Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone, you go into it knowing that you are buying a phone that will show you Amazon ads in order to secure it at a cheaper rate. That’s pretty gross, yet the prices were always so good, that they were hard to ignore. I have good news for you on that front that might take away the vomiting – lockscreen ads and offers are going away on Prime Exclusive phones.

Amazon announced the news today, stating that on February 7, 2018, Prime Exclusive Phones will be available without lockscreen offers and ads. Additionally, if you happen to own a Prime Exclusive Phone, you’ll get an update that will remove those same ads.┬áThe update will arrive as an update to the Amazon Offers app on Google Play. Be on the lookout for that update or hit that link below from your phone.

Going forward, you’ll still own a phone (or buy one) that includes pre-installed Amazon apps, including the Amazon Widget, but the ads and offers won’t show up on your lockscreen. You’ll find offers on the Widget, in case you were still hoping to see Amazon deals.

Amazon says to expect prices to remain discounted even with this change. To view the Prime Exclusive Phone line-up, hit this link.

UPDATE: Amazon tells us that they “will increase the price of every current Prime Exclusive Phone in the portfolio by $20,” thanks to this ad removal.

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