Video: OnePlus 5T Picks Up iPhone X-Like Gesture Navigation

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OnePlus pushed a new Oreo Beta build (Beta 3) to the OnePlus 5T today that brings with it a pretty big new feature called Navigation Gestures. As the name suggests, this new feature takes away the standard Android navigation and replaces it with gestures. Thinking iPhone X? We are too! It’s actually a lot like that.

In the video here, we show exactly how these new Navigation Gestures work one the OnePlus 5T (our review) and share some thoughts on whether or not this could be an Android future. The basics, though, are as follows.

You swipe up from the middle-bottom edge of the phone to go back to the Android home screen. If you swipe up from either the right or left sides, that gesture acts as a back button. Need the app switcher? Swipe up from the middle-bottom and then hold the screen for a second. And that’s it! It’s pretty easy, but also kind of weird, since this isn’t how Android phones typically work. Then again, we won’t be shocked if Motorola implements something very similar with its new line of phones this year, starting with the Moto X5.

To grab the new Oreo Beta 3 for the OnePlus 5T, hit up this thread. You can buy the OnePlus 5T here.

What do you guys think? Ready for navigation gestures on other Android phones? Would you rather Google just stick with buttons?



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