Sure Sounds Like the OnePlus Store was Hacked and Credit Card Information Stolen (Updated)

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If you bought a OnePlus phone in recent weeks and paid with a credit card, you’ll want to start closely monitoring that card’s account. Dozens (hundreds?) of people have taken to reddit and OnePlus forums to discuss fraudulent activity that has popped up on their credit cards in recent days. In fact, so much discussion has happened around the subject that OnePlus had to issue a statement this morning to address it.

OnePlus credit card breach

So what’s up with the OnePlus store and fraudulent credit card activity? To start, feel free to read through this reddit thread and this OnePlus forum thread. That’s where the reports are coming from, many of which are from OnePlus customers who are seeing hundreds of dollars in unexpected charges that their banks are catching. Once you’ve done that, understand a couple of things:

  1. ¬†Only those who paid for an item on OnePlus’ store with a credit card appear to be affected. Those who used PayPal are OK, from what we can tell. How far back for the purchases, you ask? Most seem to suggest that they have bought stuff from OnePlus within the past couple of months. There is a poll at the top of the OnePlus thread I just linked to with voters weighing on on timeframe from purchase to when the fraudulent activity started.
  2. OnePlus is looking into it. In the link below, OnePlus does not admit in any way to a breach, but they do point out that all credit card payments through their store are sent through a PCI-DSS-compliant payment processing partner, that their site is HTTPS encrypted, that credit card info stored on their site should be encrypted as well, and that they are working with third-party providers to see what they can find.

For now, your best bet is to keep an eye on your account and credit card transactions if you purchased anything from OnePlus within the past few months. If you have already seen fraudulent activity on a credit card that was used through the OnePlus store, you should probably share any details you can with them, possibly through the forum thread below. I’m sure they’ll take any info they can get to try and figure out if it was their store that had a breach or not.

We’ll keep you updated as new info arrives.

UPDATE 1/16: OnePlus has temporarily disabled credit card payments on the OnePlus Store as a precautionary measure. You can still buy items with PayPal until this all gets sorted out. OnePlus said today that it is “exploring alternative secure payment options.”

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