Tuesday Poll: Does Your Phone Need to be Water Resistant?

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I still see people say that they don’t need water resistance on their smartphone from time to time. To me, that’s crazy talk, because why would you not want that added layer of protection from this thing we call life? It’s not like I’m out here actively dropping my phone into water, but if I can use it around the pool or in the kitchen without fear of damaging it, that seems like a major bonus to me.

Also, with how well water resistance tech is being incorporated into phones these days, it’s not as if you’re losing out on anything hardware wise either. Remember the Galaxy S5 and its little plastic protector thingy that you stuck into the USB port to keep it watertight? Yeah, those aren’t a thing anymore, so water resistance isn’t affecting your hardware’s design either.

My point is, I’m all about that IP67 or better life, and y’all should be, too. If you’re not, though, please explain to me why.

Does your phone need to be water resistant?

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