Android Distribution Updated for November 2017: Oreo’s Bigly Adoption Rate Continues to Impress

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If you haven’t yet been able to tell, we’re pretty sarcastic when writing our headlines for Android Distribution updates. Adoption rates for new versions of Android are always pretty comical when compared to iOS, so it’s something we embrace and poke fun at.

The numbers for November have gone live this morning, and just as we expected, Android 8.0 Oreo adoption continues to soar! Last month, Oreo debuted at 0.2% of all devices. Today, it sits at a mighty 0.3%, which is a mind-boggling increase. It’s huge!

For the other Android versions, Nougat now sits at 20.6% (up from 17.8%), Marshmallow is at 30.9% (down from 32%), Lollipop is at 27.2% (down from 27.7%), KitKat is at 13.8% (down from 14.5%), Jelly Bean is 6.2% (down from 6.6%), and Gingerbread is now at 0.5%.

Here’s our fancy graph that tracks Android distribution over a 5 year period.

Last month’s numbers can be viewed here.

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