Netflix Middle and Top Tier Prices About to Catch an Increase

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Netflix subscribers on the middle and top tiers are about to notice an increase in their monthly bill. Specifically, those on a standard $9.99 plan will see their price raised to $10.99, while those on the $11.99 tier will see an increase to $13.99. If you’re on the $7.99 plan, though, your price stays the same.

These are changes are reported to take place next month in November.

So, why the price increase? Well, consider the fact that Netflix has been bankrolling content on a crazy scale. According to Netflix’s chief content officer, the company’s content budget is about to be pushed to $7 billion in 2018, which is nothing to scoff at. This means more original shows, movies, comedy specials, and other types of content.

Honestly, considering how much I love Netflix and its exclusive shows (House of Cards, Stranger Things, etc.), I’m all for paying one or two extra bucks. Totally worth it to me.

What’s your take on a price increase?

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