Verizon Introduces Prepaid Family Account With Discounts for Multiple Lines

verizon prepaid family

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Verizon introduced something today called the Verizon Prepaid Family Account. No, it’s not a family plan, but an account that includes multiple lines and is prepaid. I know, that sounds incredibly confusing. Let’s try to figure out what this is!

According to Verizon, the Prepaid Family Account is a way to get multiple family members onto Verizon Prepaid, so that everyone has their own data allotment to pull from. The benefit to having a family account would be that Verizon gives you per line discounts as you add more to the account. The amount of the discount all depends on which prepaid package you choose.

For example (and you can see this in the chart below), if you buy four Verizon prepaid lines at 10GB per line, you’ll pay $60 for the first line, which is the full price. However, as you add more 10GB-$60 lines, you’ll get a $20 discount for each new line (up to 5 lines). So for those 4 lines, your price would be $180 per month without a contract or background check (plus taxes and fees). The math there is $60 x 4 lines – $20 each for lines 2-4 (60 x 4 – 60 = 180). That make sense at all?

To keep it simpler, let’s look at the Unlimited plan. If you and your spouse each want unlimited, you’d pay $140 per month for the two of you. That’s $80 for each line, minus $20 for line 2, thanks to the Prepaid Family Account discount.

As you can see below, the 10GB or Unlimited plans offer the $20 discount per lines 2-5, the 7GB package offers a $15 discount per lines 2-5, and the 3GB plan only offers a $10 discount per lines 2-5.

verizon prepaid family account

Verizon Prepaid Sign-up

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