AT&T Unlimited Choice Customers Now Receive HBO for Free


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AT&T customers on a Unlimited Plus plan have been enjoying free HBO since April, but starting September 15, all AT&T customers on an Unlimited Choice plan will also have access to the video service for free. This is big news because an Unlimited Choice plan not only has nearly the same unlimited data, talk, and text as the Unlimited Plus plan, but it’s cheaper!

To sum up what’s happening, likely in retaliation to T-Mobile’s offering of free Netflix for ONE family plan customers, any customer with an Unlimited Choice plan will have access to HBO for free, starting September 15.

Thankfully, AT&T details how you can access your HBO.

  • If you currently subscribe to HBO through an AT&T video service – DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV – HBO will now be included for no added charge.
  • If you subscribe to an AT&T video service but not HBO, you’ll automatically receive unlimited access to HBO as part of your wireless plan.
  • If you don’t subscribe to an AT&T video service, you can access your HBO entertainment through the DIRECTV NOW and HBO GO apps.

And don’t worry, these apps support Google Cast, so getting your shows up on the big screen in your house shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, now seems like a good time to quickly outline the difference between Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Pro. While price is obviously the first difference, AT&T is, dare I say it, kinda rude when it comes to your data speeds and video streaming experience. As listed in the fine print, all Unlimited Choice plans are limited to just 3Mbps of data speed with all video throttled to 480p and 1.5Mbps max download. The only way to remove such throttling is to upgrade to the Unlimited Pro plan, which is an extra $30/month after bill credits are applied and Auto Pay is enrolled for.

Anyway, if you’re already on these plans or free HBO sounds enticing, follow the below link to see an overview of what AT&T is offering in the “unlimited” department.

AT&T Unlimited Plans

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