All Boost Mobile Plan Prices Now Include Taxes and Fees

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Announced this morning, all plans through Boost Mobile now include taxes and fees, similar to what T-Mobile announced for its ONE plans back in January of this year. For example, instead of seeing a monthly price and then paying more than what was advertised, thanks to hidden fees, the price you see is now the exact price you’ll pay.

This change will not only be for new customers, but existing Boost Mobile customers, too. After September 8 (today), any bill Boost Mobile customers see will include taxes and fees.

To help celebrate this great news, on Friday, Sept. 22, Boost Mobile is hosting a “Flip Off Taxes Scavenger Hunt” contest in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. A single “Golden Switch” will be hidden in each of the three cities to celebrate customers who “Make the Switch.” Apparently, the first person to find the “Golden Switch” in each market will win a grand prize of $5,000. That’s clutch.

Additionally, if winning $5K doesn’t interest you, new customers (not available to existing) can go into any Boost Mobile location and pick up 4 lines with “unlimited Gigs” for just $100. Besides a throttle to 480p video and data deprioritization, there doesn’t seem to be any other downsides to Boost Mobile’s unlimited offer.

Now, because I am always reminded of this commercial when I write about Boost Mobile, I’ll make you remember it, too.

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