DEAL: Samsung’s Instant Trade-In Offers for the Galaxy Note 8 are Up to $300 Off

best galaxy note 8 deal

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Ever since the Galaxy Note 8 went up for pre-order, the conversations surrounding its somewhat ridiculous $1,000 price haven’t let up. People are (rightfully) struggling to justify spending that kind of coin on a smartphone. Thankfully, Samsung isn’t holding back on its launch promos and are handing out massive instant discounts as long as you have a decent older phone to trade-in. I’m talking $300 off upfront and what is so far the best Galaxy Note 8 deal.

I point this out because as I was looking for the best Galaxy Note 8 deal to order one for us to keep on hand, Samsung’s site is where I went. While most carrier deals involve rebates or prepaid cards that take weeks to arrive, Samsung just hands you discounts right away and then has you send in the trade-in device later to confirm it all. There are no rebatecenter pages or VISA gift cards or any of that obnoxious garbage others want you to do.

The process works like this:

  1. Head to Samsung’s site to pick out the Galaxy Note 8 model you want.
  2. Choose a carrier model or the unlocked version and then the color.
  3. You’ll then find a trade-in device page that lists out acceptable devices.
  4. Click on the device grouping for the device you have.
  5. Next up, choose from the $190+ freebies Samsung is currently offering.
  6. Decide on whether or not you want their Premium Care.
  7. Decide on discounted accessories like Dex.
  8. Then begin the checkout process for your pre-order.
  9. You should see the instant discount in cart for your trade-in.

Now, this current trade-in promo is so good because the list of phones Samsung is taking is pretty lengthy. For example, I will trade in a working LG G4, a phone that is a couple of years old and not exactly worth much these days, yet Samsung is willing to give me $300 for it. Or you could trade-in a Galaxy S5 (3 year old phone!) for $200 off, a Galaxy Note 5 for $300 off, etc. The full list can be seen below.

best galaxy note 8 deal

Of course, the phones need to be in working condition (power on and hold charge, normal wear & tear, functioning non-cracked display, not blacklisted, and no factory reset locks). Assuming you have one on hand that meets those requirements, how can you not consider jumping at this? And for those wondering, I used their instant trade-in offer for a Galaxy S8+ not long ago and the process was as smooth as you could hope. I think I was able to grab one for just over $400.

With that said, as good as this deal is, T-Mobile is about to launch a BOGO deal too, though that’ll most definitely involve a prepaid gift card. There are bound to be others too.

Anyways, if you have not yet pre-ordered and were looking around for the best deal, Samsung’s own site currently has the best one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-order Link



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