LastPass Launches Public Beta for Android Oreo Users to Test Autofill

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Oreo is the gift that keeps giving today. Announced this afternoon, LastPass has launched a public beta for its Android app, allowing anyone running the latest build of Android to test out the awesome new Autofill feature.

You see, Oreo offers native support for Autofill, which means when you dive into an app that requires your login credentials (or credit card info, address, etc.), those details will auto populate if you use a service such as LastPass. With this app beta, and Oreo running on your phone, you can now Autofill all the things.

Now, LastPass does note that since this is a beta, there are a few limitations. I’ll let them explain.

Please keep in mind that this is the first release, so there will be some limitations. In particular, Chrome does not yet support the new Autofill API, and some apps that were fillable with our accessibility-based autofill are not yet fillable using the new API. We’re working with Google to iron out the issues as quickly as possible, and will be updating the beta release on a regular basis.

As long as you can live without Autofill inside of Chrome for a bit, go check it out!

Are you running that Oreo sweetness yet?

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