If Only LG Put the Time Spent on Wallpaper Videos Into Their Android Skin…

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LG’s Android skin, currently known as UX 6.0+, is by no means my favorite. It’s not that attractive to look at, it’s bloated with stuff and things, and more than likely is the reason I keep finding myself setting most LG phones aside after polishing off a review. And that’s too bad, because LG’s hardware is getting really good, I like what they are doing with dual cameras over other implementations, and the V30 is poised to be their best phone yet, maybe by a mile. But you know what LG is doing with their time and money instead of revamping that Android skin into something that could be a selling point? Creating professionally made videos on how they spent an enormous amount of energy putting together a wallpaper. Yes, a wallpaper.

The LG V30 will have a wallpaper created from a vision of “realistic light movement and mysticism” that utilized angles, colors, contrast, and “dispersion of light” because wallpapers need a “mysterious atmosphere” to be great. I’m not making this up. LG – and this isn’t the first time – created both a blog post and 1-minute long video to talk about the phone’s stock wallpaper.

I just can’t. Happy Friday!

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