SEGA’s The Revenge of Shinobi Now Playable on Android

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SEGA’s 1989 classic The Revenge of Shinobi is now available on Android, via that awesome SEGA Forever initiative. If you missed it, SEGA is launching a ton of its classic titles for mobile devices under this SEGA Forever umbrella, making them all free to play with the help of ads. If you pay a small fee, though, the ads go away and you can play the game as much as you want.

Now, in The Revenge of Shinobi, you’re a ninja, tasked with kicking a ton of butt. You’ll battle enemies that look eerily similar to other well-known characters (Godzilla, Terminator, Spider-Man, etc.), but please note that SEGA says any likeness is pure coincidence. Wink wink.

Should you want to relive this fine title, it’s free for download on Google Play. If you don’t want any ads, it’s a one time purchase of $1.99, then they’re gone.

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