Ticwatch S & E Hit Kickstarter, Run Android Wear for Around $119

tichwatch s and e

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Kind of a polar opposite ┬átype of day for Android Wear, wouldn’t you say? This morning, we talked about Louis Vuitton’s new ultra-expensive Tambour Horizon smartwatches and are now about to dive into a watch that is best described as ultra-affordable. Mobcoi, the company behind Ticwatch, is back – they apparently made something called the Ticwatch 2 that people liked – with the Ticwatch Sport (S) & Express (E), two Android Wear-powered watches that are sure to fit into anyone’s budget.

Both watches are now up for backing on Kickstarter and yeah, they are affordable enough that should you be considering a dive into Android Wear, you might want to get the credit card ready. The Ticwatch E can be had right now for $119 (previously $99, but that sold out) and the Ticwatch S can be had for $139 (previously $119, but it sold out too).

What are these watches? Well, they run Android Wear, so you get access to Google Play, Google Assistant, and the entire Wear 2.0 experience. They feature round 1.4-inch OLED displays, GPS, IP67 water and dust resistance, and playful designs. You also get MediaTek 2601 dual-core processors, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, 300mAh batteries, WiFi, and heart rate sensors. The Ticwatch S sports a 45mm case that is 13mm thick and weighs 45.5g, while the Ticwatch E sports a 44mm case that is 13.55mm thick and weighs 41.5g.

They are ┬ávery similar, but when it comes to styling, they are quite different. The S is a sportier model built for the fitness guru, while the E features a translucent case and is much more of a fashion item. Either way, you can’t argue with these prices up front. Normally, I tell everyone to avoid Kickstarter, but this company has been around and knows what it’s doing.

When these watches leave Kickstarter, they’ll cost $159 (E) and $199 (S). So again, if interested, you should probably jump on them now. Mobvoi hopes to ship by October-November.

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