Google Allo’s Web Client is a “Few More Weeks” Out

allo vs hangouts

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Where is the Google Allo web client? According to Amit Fulay, the head of product for Google’s Allo and Duo, it should be here in a “few more weeks.” That’s the latest update after we learned in May that we were still a “month or two” away from it arriving.

For those not familiar, the web client for Allo will be a version that is accessible from a Chrome tab or whichever browser you use on your home or work computer. It’ll give you access to your Allo conversations outside of the app on your phone, something that isn’t currently available. It’s a pretty big deal for a messaging app to have a desktop experience. We saw a brief preview of what it might look like back in February.

Will the Google Allo web client make the app more appealing to those of us still hanging on to Google Hangouts? Maybe! I think for me, I need it to be even more like Hangouts, though, which would mean access across multiple devices. If that could happen, then yeah, I think I’d give it a shot.

What about you – is the Allo web client something that could get you to give it a shot?



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