Project Fi Opened Up to All G Suite Users in US

Signing up for Project Fi has been limited to users with “” addresses, but moving forward, Google is opening up the service to all G Suite users in the US. Thanks to this, if you utilize G Suite and have your own domain, you can now sign up to use Project Fi.

With this move, if a small business with less than 6 employees wants to sign up, too, that is also doable. By default, Project Fi is “off,” so just be sure to have the G Suite administrator enable it on the accounts.

Stated by Google in the blog post, “While Project Fi had been available to users with addresses, starting today we’re making G Suite compatible with Project Fi, allowing users (currently US only) to sign up with their G Suite accounts (e.g. [email protected]).”

According to Google, this support should be available to every single G Suite user in the US within the next 15 days.

Signing yourself or your small business up for Fi?

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