LeEco Cuts 70% of US Workforce, Kills That Sweet Smart Bike We Wanted


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LeEco, the Chinese tech company that tried to take over the US market overnight without anyone in the US having ever heard of them, is cutting even more of its workforce this week. 70% seems to be the official number, but they do still plan to have a presence in this country going forward.

News of yet another cut at LeEco follows on the heals of CEO Jia Yueting stepping down. Of course, they’ve already cut staff on a couple of other occasions in recent months, while also losing their $2 billion Vizio acquisition. It has not been a good few months for LeEco.¬†

According to CNET, the plan for the future is to stay in the US and target Chinese-speaking consumers. I can’t imagine that’s going to work, but hey, try whatever you can at this point, right?

Without diving further into¬†this short-lived push into the US by LeEco, because the story isn’t really that interesting, I will point out that the sweet Android-powered smart bike that LeEco had planned to release in Q2 is cancelled. I don’t even ride a bike (nor do I own one) and I kind of wanted one of those bad boys. Sad face.

Here’s a pro tip: You might want to avoid LeEco products for the time being. Even with their really attractive prices, who knows what kinds of support they’ll have without much staff to you know, support them.




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