Report: T-Mobile to Offer Its Own Commitment Free Smartphone

t-mobile 600mhz

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According to a new report, T-Mobile may soon enter the smartphone game, with the effort suggested to kick off in Q3 of 2017. 

Few details were provided in the report, which is based on supposed marketing materials, but the gist is that T-Mobile will offer an affordable phone that could have a few high-end features, then couple that device with zero commitment on the buyer’s part.

Reportedly paired with an unannounced plan, buyers will be covered by a lifetime warranty on the device, meaning if you drop and break the phone, it’s covered. The no commitment aspect would mean if you get tired of the phone, you simply return it with no repercussions (fees, etc.). Essentially, it comes off as a rental program, where you pay for usage of the device each month, but can then return it whenever you’re ready to.

From the outside, this does seem like a very Uncarrier thing for T-Mobile do to. However, you’d hope the phone is actually pretty decent, unless you don’t mind spending money on some type of Android burner. We got a ways to go before Q3 comes around, and still, none of this information has been confirmed.

If T-Mobile offered you a phone with a lifetime warranty and no commitment, would you consider it?

Via: Android Authority



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