Verizon Adds $80 Unlimited Option to Prepaid, Features Throttled 480p Video

verizon unlimited plan

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Verizon added a new $80 unlimited option to its prepaid lineup this morning. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited “high speed” data usage most of the time, except when on a congested network or you want to stream a video in something over DVD quality. 

The $80 prepaid plan is listed like the other prepaid plans with its unlimited talk and text in the US and to Mexico, Canada, and some other countries around the world. Because it’s “unlimited,” you don’t have Always-on Data or Carryover, of course.

Unfortunately, Verizon also includes in the fine print that “video streams up to 480p” are all you can expect at all times and that they may “prioritize your data behind other customers during times/places of network congestion.” In other words, you’ll never watch an HD or above video and they may throttle your ass down depending on time or location. Cool!

The plan is available now at the link below.

Verizon Prepaid Link

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