Question of the Day: Galaxy S8 and S8+ Owners, What’s Your Battery Life Been Like?

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We recently received a tweet, depicting a Galaxy S8+ owner’s battery usage statistics. According to him and the info displayed on his device, he’s not only getting a solid day of usage (24+ hours), but nearly 9 hours of screen on time (SoT). Excuse me? Come again? What is this wizardry?

He goes on to clarify that his display is set to 720p and he does zero gaming, but still, no one can argue with that kind of battery life. You won’t see me downgrading to 720p on my S8 or S8+, but props to him for doing so and testing it out.

Our question to you, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners, what’s your battery life been like? If you have had your new phone for a few days now, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

As for me, I was seeing pretty average battery life on the Galaxy S8 (battery around 15% at 11PM), but on the S8+, things are looking good. I’m going to bed with about 40-45% juice left and 3 hours of SoT. For me, that’s not terrible at all.



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