Verizon Galaxy S8 Lacks Shopping Via Bixby, Apparently Because Verizon

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Over the weekend, Verizon owners of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ may have noticed another important feature missing from Bixby – the ability to shop on Amazon via Bixby Vision.

Typically with Bixby Vision, a user isĀ able to snap a photo of something, then cross reference that image via Amazon for shopping or Pinterest for general searching. On Verizon units, shopping has been left out completely, leaving only the ability to search for similarĀ images on Pinterest.

So, who should owners point the finger at? According to Samsung, Bixby Vision works just fine on other carrier models (I can confirm the T-Mobile S8 and S8+ work just fine), so it seems that Verizon is the one to blame. However, Verizon clarifies that it is working with Amazon to enable the functionality on its Galaxy S8 units.

Bixby Vision works on all versions of the Galaxy S8, but the Amazon shopping function isn’t operational yet. We are working with Amazon to provide that experience, but in the meantime you can use the existing Amazon app on your Samsung Galaxy S8 for the same photo and shopping experience.

Once details are released by Verizon with regard to when owners can expect to see it on their devices, we’ll let you know.

Via: CNET | @Mercuie
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