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At long last, after a bit of waiting following the unveiling at MWC in February, US availability and pricing for the Huawei Watch 2 has been announced for the US. 

Starting today, buyers can grab a Huawei Watch 2 at numerous outlets, priced at $299.99. These outlets include Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo Video, Jet, Target and Walmart. However, do note that Huawei states retailer availability will differ. Currently, US buyers will only get the Carbon Black or Concrete Grey options. There is no orange model that was shown at MWC.

As for the Huawei Watch Classic, it will go on sale later this year (“soon”), priced at $369.99.

Another note, it has been announced that no 4G model is planned currently for the US. That means you won’t find the Huawei Watch in any carrier stores, at least for the foreseeable future.

For details such as specs, you can view those here, or check out our newly published review.

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HUAWEI WATCH 2 Comes with Exclusive 10 Free Weeks of Google Play Music in the U.S.

Go outdoors with the lightweight sports watch that powers your music and adventures.

PLANO, TX – April 18, 2017 – The HUAWEI WATCH 2, Huawei’s second-generation smartwatch, hits the U.S. today. It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable with a sport-inspired design and innovative new updates. Building on Huawei’s history of beautifully-designed and powerful wearables, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 includes features perfect for active lifestyles. HUAWEI WATCH 2 will be available at BestBuy stores, and online at BestBuy, Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo Video, Jet, Target and Walmart.

“In a world where technology is woven into every part of our daily lives, consumers want a smartwatch that meets their connected needs without compromising style,” said Robin Zhu, president, Huawei Device USA. “What we’ve achieved with the HUAWEI WATCH 2 is a smart, cutting-edge wearable with advanced fitness and scientific health functions, online and offline music – perfect for active people enjoying life’s everyday adventures.”

To help U.S. consumers enjoy the online and offline music features, for a limited time HUAWEI WATCH 2 will come with 10 weeks free access to Google Play™ Music, a music and podcast streaming service from Google.

The Watch

The HUAWEI WATCH 2 is the perfect health and exercise companion, featuring innovative design details. Its chronograph double-crown design is inspired by sports watches, and makes controls easy to access.  What makes it a premium smart fitness watch, though, are the features under the surface, including a highly-integrated antenna (GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®) for stronger connectivity. In addition, its ceramic bezel helps better dissipate heat and is lighter, scratch resistant and six-times harder than stainless steel.

With a 45mm (1.8”) diameter and the ratio of a traditional wristwatch, plus a high-definition AMOLED display with a 390×390 pixel resolution, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 is available in two designs – standard and Classic. The standard version will come in Carbon Black, Concrete Grey and the Classic in Titanium Grey.

The standard series comes with a mixed rubber strap with racecourse-pattern design and will appeal to sports or outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. With a metallic casing and a quality rubber-leather hybrid strap, the Classic series is suitable for all environments – from outdoors to the office. It has a standard 22mm (7/8”) wide strap, which comes in a range of styles to complement the array of customizable faces.

Exercise and Fitness

The HUAWEI WATCH 2 has advanced fitness solutions to make working out more effective. Featuring the most established mobile connection technology and a built-in GPS chip, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 offers a significantly improved experience when using apps. Built-in smart sensors collect comprehensive data on user activities – including distance, speed, steps, heart rate, heart rate range, calories, stride frequency, route and more – enabling the professional exercise guidance and fitness management functions to offer detailed analysis that can help to improve a users’ quality of life.

For example, with scientific training schemes and heart rate data, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 can alert a user when to speed up or slow down. It is also a smart health management device, meaning it can remind users to reach their daily exercise targets. Daily activities and activity levels are measured using three key indicators: number of steps, duration of medium and high-intensity exercise, and stand-up times. In addition, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 supports continuous around-the-clock heart rate monitoring. It can display a heart rate curve and resting heart rate for up to six hours.

Workout to your soundtrack

HUAWEI WATCH 2 lets users add music to their workouts through music streaming apps such as Google Play™ Music. From streaming music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® to downloading songs and accessing playlists via offline storage, users have the freedom to listen to music during their workout without bringing their phone or needing an Internet connection. And for a limited time, users can take advantage of 10 weeks free trial of Google Play™ Music with purchase of HUAWEI WATCH 2, making it easy to enjoy music on the go – using the speaker built into the watch, or pairing with a Bluetooth® headset.

Smart Experience

Running on Android Wear 2.0, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 can support iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.2+, or any smartphones with Android 4.3+, with on-watch access to a vast library of compatible and independent productivity, fitness, networking, music, travel and gaming apps. This ensures the device seamlessly integrates into every aspect of users’ life.

The HUAWEI WATCH 2’s 420 mAh optimized battery features greater and density and a longer life, lasts up to two days with regular use. When in training mode with both the heart rate sensor and GPS on, the device lasts up to 10 hours. It can also last up to three weeks in Huawei’s exclusive Watch Mode and keep counting steps and display time.


Available in Carbon Black and Concrete Grey, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 can now be purchased at an MSRP of $299.99. HUAWEI WATCH 2 Classic will be available soon with an MSRP of $369.99, available in Titanium Grey.

It is available in more than 800 BestBuy stores and on, as well as online through Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo Video, Jet, Target and Walmart. (Dates may vary depending on Retailer)



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