Report: Moto Z2 Won’t be a Verizon Exclusive, Probably has a Headphone Jack

moto z oreo update

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When a new Moto Z arrives later this year as the Moto Z2, don’t be surprised if we see it outside of Verizon and on other carriers like T-Mobile. That bit of news comes by way of @evleaks and matches up to a previous interview with Motorola’s chairmam, who said that they will look to distribute outside of Big Red in the coming months. 

Selling phones outside of Verizon would be a proper move for Motorola if they plan to continue any sort of comeback. They are sure painting the picture of a Moto Z family success story from last year, but I’d imagine that painting is only fully realized should they ditch the dumb exclusivity they’ve had for years with the US’ biggest carrier. If T-Mobile is onboard, that’s quite the change, since I couldn’t tell you the last time they sold a Motorola phone. Remember, they were the lone carrier to skip the original Moto X.

In related news, @onleaks has released device renders that we have to assume are based off plans given to case makers to use to prepare for the launch of a phone. The video below shows a phone that looks like the Moto Z, only this time with a headphone jack and dual camera. That’s right, in the Moto Z2 Force specifically, it looks like Motorola may have come back around to offering up a headphone jack, rather than forcing you into dongle life. These match up nicely to the Z2 image we saw last week.

T-Mobile customers, interested in the Moto Z2?


Via: Android Authority



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