Want to Recreate the LG G6’s Rounded Display on Your Phone? There’s an App for That!

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The LG G6 introduces a display with rounded corners, something we aren’t exactly used to seeing on many Android devices. With that said, I’ve been using the G6 as my daily driver for the past 2 days, and so far, I’m digging the round corners. Now, for everyone else who has to wait until the G6 is launched in the US, I have an app for you that can reproduce the G6’s rounded display look. 

The app and its concept are not new at all, but considering the positive feedback on the G6 I have been seeing, I figured I’d share it for anyone looking to recreate that rounded look. The app is called Cornerfly, and essentially, it rounds your display’s corners, regardless of which phone you use.

When you open the app, it works instantly, but permission for drawing over apps will need to be granted. Other than that, setup is easy. Settings for Cornerfly include a persistent notification for adjusting the corners (can be disabled), as well as customizing the size of the corners. If you want massive corners, that’s fine, or you can take the subtle route, which also looks good.

The app is free to download and use, but for even more control over the effect, you can pay $0.99. That price also removes all of the ads from within the app. Not too shabby. Also, for anyone who says it looks bad, don’t judge it by these photos. It looks pretty good in person on my Pixel XL, and should look even better on phones with a black front, not white.

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