Video: Checkout the LG G6 Square Camera Mode

lg g6

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As a part of a teaser for the new UX we’ll see in the upcoming LG G6, LG talked a lot about squares and the fact that the phone’s 18:9 display ratio allows for perfect 1×1 viewing of content. For example, this sizing would allow for a camera to shoot 1×1 squares (for things Instagram), while viewing the shot in a matching 1×1 square panel next door, almost in real-time. 

To visualize to us how this works, LG uploaded the video you’ll see below. It shows the G6 UI, with “Square” camera mode opened. As the video runs through snapping photos in a square viewfinder, you get to view the shots taken immediately after in a second, matching square viewer.

That’s obviously a pretty cool trick for those who want that instant preview without having to tap a thumbnail that opens up a gallery or Photos app. You can decide right there if another shot is needed, if it’s framed well, or if you need to adjust anything before snapping another.

Oh, and yep, those are rounded UI corners.




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