Sprint Announces 5 Unlimited Lines for $90 Promo Plan That Only Lasts a Year


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Sprint announced a new promo plan today that gets customers into 5 lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for $90. While that sure sounds like a good deal up front, you should know that that price only lasts for about a year before your bill will increase pretty dramatically. 

Sprint says that with this $90 deal, you get the first line for $50, the second line for $40, and lines 3 through 5 are free (with autopay). Nice, right? Well, that’s nice until March 31, 2018 rolls around.

On March 31, 2018, the first line jumps up to $60 per month, second line stays at $40, and lines 3 through 5 all jump to $30 per month each (with autopay). Anyone want to do that math? So you sign-up today for a plan that costs $90, but come next year, your bill skyrockets to $190, assuming you have all 5 lines still active. Yikes.

If interested, you can sign-up at Sprint’s site.

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