Twitter Takes Additional Steps to Stop Abuse and Harassment


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Back in November, likely because with the election in the US wrapping up, all humans here wanted to destroy each other, Twitter introduced new tools to help you report or silence abuse and harassment on their social service. Today, they are taking this initiative a step further to help shutdown the keyboard-warrior troll kings of grandmothers’ basements who viciously attack people online as a means to compensate for their penile insecurities. 

With today’s update, Twitter has announced that three changes are happening across the platform to curb online abuse. For one, Twitter will take extra steps to “identify people who have been permanently suspended and stop them from creating new accounts.” They haven’t exactly said how they will go about this, but I’d imagine that a stricter or more stringent sign-up process would help.

Additionally, Twitter is “working on” a safe search that removes Tweets with “potentially sensitive content and Tweets from blocked and muted accounts.” And finally, a new collapsing function in replies that identifies “potentially abusive and low-quality” items should help clean-up the nasty conversations you might want to avoid. Here is an image of how that might look:

These new changes should all start rolling out in the days and weeks ahead.

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