Twitter Updates Users on Progress Toward Curbing Online Abuse

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Twitter detailed upcoming changes this morning, changes that will potentially help users curb the excessive amount of online abuse that takes place on the network. The updates center around three focus areas: controls, reporting, and enforcement.

As you may already know, Twitter has a “mute” feature for users you don’t want to see across your feed. It’s basically a step below completely blocking somebody. This week, users can mute people straight from the notifications. With this, users can mute keywords, phrases, or even entire conversations that you won’t want to see notifications about.

In addition, Twitter is providing a more direct way to report abusive behavior. The company details that you can report users who are abusing you, others, or anywhere else on the network. According to Twitter, “This will improve our ability to process these reports, which helps reduce the burden on the person experiencing the abuse, and helps to strengthen a culture of collective support on Twitter.”

To cap it all off, Twitter states that it has retrained all of its support teams on updated policies, including special sessions on cultural and historical contextualization of hateful conduct. The company’s goal is for a faster and more transparent process for dealing with online abuse.

Be kind to your fellow humans.

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