Report: Galaxy S8 Coming in Two Sizes With “Infinity” Display, Desktop Mode With Dock

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Last week, we recapped the latest in major Galaxy S8 rumors in an attempt to catch everyone up on the latest happenings, as they seem to continually change as we approach the phone’s unveiling. Today, The Guardian has chimed in with information from its own sources, a whole bunch of which matches up to what we previously shared, including the sizes and shapes of the displays used, base storage amounts, and more. They also added some new details, like the fact that you may be able to dock the Galaxy S8 to gain a desktop mode. 

According to The Guardian, the Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, both with an “infinity” display that is curved on each side, just like the previous Edge versions of phones in recent years. The displays will weigh-in somewhere around 5-inches and 6-inches, though there will be minimal bezel, so the size of the phones shouldn’t change much from past years. This report doesn’t mention names, but we are currently expecting the phones to be called Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

As for other specs, we’ll see a 3.5mm headphone jack, Iris scanners (like we saw on the Note 7), rear-mounted fingerprint reader, similar “duo pixel” camera to the Galaxy S7 with “incremental” improvements, 64GB base storage with microSD slot (up to 256GB), and USB Type-C ports. The phones will also run processors based on Samsung’s 10nm process, which we expect to be the Snapdragon 835.

In somewhat new news, The Guardian is under the impression that the personal assistant (currently referred to as Bixby) on the Galaxy S8 will use the phone’s camera for object recognition (think Google Goggles). Additionally, Samsung could introduce a new line of accessories with the S8, one of which would be a desktop dock that allows the phone to present an Android desktop experience through a computer. This dock would be able to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and other accessories called DeX. We’re talking about a similar experience to Microsoft’s Continuum dock for Windows Phone.

Today’s report suggests a March announcement for each phone, followed by availability “on or around” April 21.

Via:  The Guardian



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