Verizon Introduces New 5GB, $55 Individual Promo Plan

Verizon Wireless

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Verizon introduced a new promo plan today for individuals looking for an option outside of The Verizon Plan and the company’s prepaid offerings. The plan costs $55 per month and includes 5GB of data, along with unlimited talk and text, though that price is only good if you sign-up for autopay.

This new individual plan is currently being advertised on the front page of Verizon’s website, but the site won’t let you sign-up for it just yet online. Instead, if interested, you have to inquire over the phone or in-store. The plan will go live online on January 24.

The $55-5GB plan is made up of a $40 promo 5GB plan, along with a $20 line access fee. That, of course, totals to $60, so in order to get the $55 price you’ll need to sign-up for autopay. The plan is flagged as “promo” – we have no idea how long it’ll be around.

It’s a bit odd to see Verizon launch an “individual” plan like this, when for years they have been trying to get us all to share buckets of data on plans like The Verizon Plan. This particular option is being sold as “The plan you’ve been waiting for” that is “Just for you.”

For comparison, we have a couple of options to look at to decide if this is a good deal or not. The Verizon Plan offers a 4GB data bucket for $50 per month, but you’ll also be billed an extra $20 per line, which takes you to $70. Verizon is essentially giving you the 2GB plan ($35) and upping the data to 5GB as long as you sign-up for autopay. That’s not a bad deal.

On the other hand, you can lock-in to a Verizon prepaid plan for $50 per month and get 5GB of data. If you want more, you could jump up to $70 and get 10GB data on prepaid. With prepaid, though, you can’t sign-up for device payment plans, so your smartphone options are pretty limited or they require you to pay full retail price up front.

This new plan was first pointed out to us by Wave7 Research, who also claims that there is a similar $70-7GB individual plan. We have not been able to confirm it’s existence. If interested in that, be sure to inquire as you call or stop by Verizon stores.

UPDATE: A second source has confirmed to us that there is also a new $70-7GB individual plan. If interested, you’ll just need to inquire with Verizon reps over the phone or in store.

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