LG Asks What Your Ideal Smartphone Would Feature, Probably Purposefully Outs G6 in Doing So


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LG will announce the G6 at MWC, I think it’s safe to say that that much has been confirmed. We know that the LG G6 will feature a 5.7-inch QHD LCD display with a weird, but could be cool 18:9 aspect ratio, and slim bezels. We also know that LG has ditched the module idea from last year’s G5 and will instead try to make the prettiest of pretty devices. But what else is coming in this year’s flagship from LG? I think the video embedded above tells us a lot.¬†

LG just posted this video to their LG Mobile YouTube channel and it asks a bunch of people what their wish list is for the “ideal smartphone.” Everyone runs through options and ideas, all of which LG likely wouldn’t mention¬†unless they plan to include these things in a new smartphone. For example, no one says, “I want modules!” They do, however, say that they want a really big ass screen in a small body that is waterproof, more reliable, and won’t slip out of a hand. Someone also gets really excited about being able to “Capture it all at once!”

In case you missed any of the ideas here, let me recap on what the LG G6 will have:

  • A big ass 5.7-inch QHD LCD display, that is great for multi-tasking.
  • A phone body that isn’t huge and can be used with one hand. While I’m skeptical of any 5.7-inch phone being one-hand-friendly, LG will do what they can to shrink the body while incorporating single-hand software modes. (They already do this, but hey, focus is a good thing!)
  • Some sort of interesting texture or finish that will make the phone easy to hold.
  • Water resistance! The LG V34 in Japan is IP67 rated, so it’s no shocker that the G6 will be ready for your toilet.
  • Cameras that can capture everything, which probably means dual cameras with one having a wide-angle lens like we have seen on the last couple of LG flagships.
  • Either a better protected body or a new screen replacement program, since they do mention wanting a phone being “more reliable” and not having to “keep paying for fixing a cracked screen.”

Got all of that? The G6 will be here by February 27.



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