Exclusive Star Wars: Rogue One Sticker Pack Added Into Allo

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A new sticker pack is available to users of Allo, one that should excite any and all Star Wars fans. Based on the upcoming Rogue One movie, you will find access to stickers for Darth Vader, Jyn, K-2SO, and even the Death Star. 

To use this sticker pack with friends, you will first need to find someone willing to download and open the Allo app. It is available for both Android and iOS, so that should make the process a bit easier. If you have already done that part, the hard work is over. Once the app is updated, you can find this new sticker pack under the stickers section. Simply locate the Rogue One sticker you want to use, then insert it.

It’s easy.

The Force is strong with this sticker pack.

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