Instagram Introduces More Controls to Help People Stay Safe


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The internet and the apps that utilize it are filled with sh*theads. I think 2016 has confirmed that more than ever. Basement dwellers everywhere sure seem to feel extra empowered these days and are the ultimate keyboard warriors, often taking their hatred and conspiracy to levels that can cause real harm. Instagram, like Twitter most recently, has introduced some new tools to help combat online garbage humans and also to help report on those you think might be close to causing self-injuries. 

A new comment control takes keyword filtering a step further, by allowing you to completely turn off comments on posts if you want. You can turn them back on whenever, but this gives you the opportunity to share without unwanted feedback. In the coming weeks, Instagram is also going to add the ability to like comments as well, because not all comments are bad.

With private accounts, those that approve each follower individually, Instagram is giving you the power to remove followers that had previously been approved. In the past, once you added someone, you had no control over whether or not they stayed with you, but that changes now. You’ll be able to view your follower list with a private account and remove unwanted foes. Should you remove someone, they won’t be notified of the action.

Finally, Instagram is giving you a tool to help report people who may be on the verge of a self-injury. Instagram says that they have teams “working 24 hours a day” on the matter and can use your anonymous report to connect your friend to proper organizations for help.

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