Google WiFi Pre-Orders Now Live!


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Google WiFi pre-orders are now live for those interested in Google’s “smart” router system. At this time, Google is offering up 1-Pack or 3-Pack options depending on your needs.

As a recap, Google WiFi is a “mesh” router system that helps blanket your entire house with WiFi. Instead of having a single wireless router in your office or kitchen that can’t stretch to your upstairs or back bedroom, a system like this allows you to help reach those areas. It’s a bit modular in that you can add on Google WiFi units as needed, depending on the size of your home.

A 1-Pack should cover up to 1500 sq. ft, according to Google, while a 3-Pack should get you up to 4500 sq. ft of coverage. The 1-Pack costs $129 and the 3-Pack costs $299.

If you aren’t sure how this whole “mesh” network idea works where you try and blanket your home with multiple units, feel free to do some searches for Eero, Luma, and Orbi. All of those products have been available for some time and offer up a similar idea. Thankfully, Google WiFi is much cheaper than those.

Pre-orders are live now at a variety of places and show ship or arrival dates of December 6.

Links: Amazon | Best Buy 1-Pack | Best Buy 3-Pack | Google Store Link


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