Google Pixel / Pixel XL Unboxing!

pixel unboxing

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Your Google Pixel and Pixel XL orders will be arriving by the end of the week, since October 20 is launch day, so let’s go ahead and start getting you prepared for the big day. As you can probably tell by the wave of Pixel content that just hit our front page, we have been lucky enough to test a Pixel XL for the past several days and already have all sorts of fun stuff to share.

First, though, we have to get this Pixel unboxing out of the way. Traditions are traditions, right? 

In this clip, like all unboxings, we’ll take you around the packaging of the phone, share some initial thoughts on the in-hand feel, cruise through a tour of the exterior, and recap the specs again. We’ll also talk quite a bit about the included goodies from Google, because they are tossing in more than just a new USB Type-C power brick.

Let’s do it! Let’s unbox the Pixel XL!


pixel unboxing

pixel unboxing

pixel unboxing

pixel unboxing


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