Pixel XL at Best Buy is About $26 Cheaper, Comes With $100 Gift Card and Free Chromecast

google pixel black

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Who has the best deal on the Pixel XL? Best Buy does. Since pre-orders first opened up, Best Buy has been selling the bigger Pixel at a $26 discount over Google and Verizon. How do they get away with that? I don’t know and I don’t really care.

If you pre-order the Pixel XL from the electronics retailer, you’ll pay $31 per month, which amounts to a total of $744 over 24 months. The same phone at Google and Verizon is $32.08 per month. That may not be a substantial savings, but 26 bucks is 26 bucks.

Best Buy is also tossing in a $100 Best Buy gift card and a free Chromecast with purchase (not the Ultra, just the regular).

Best Buy Links: Pixel XL (Silver) | Pixel XL (Black) 

NOTE: As some have pointed out, this could very well be the Verizon version. It sure is labeled as such. I wish we knew for sure how this version will play out, but we just don’t. If you are concerned, you may want to hold off.

Cheers David!


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