Google Shares a Bunch of New Voice Commands for Your Next Google Maps Adventure


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Through a new blog post, Google is doing its best to make sure you are always getting the most out of one of its greatest apps, Google Maps. The post talks about using voice commands to get you to that next destination, tweak settings, avoid tolls, and even get out of navigation if you just want to look at a map.

All of this voice magic can happen within both navigation and driving modes because each contains a UI with a little white microphone. So in reality, anywhere you see that microphone within Google Maps will open up voice capabilities. Not familiar with driving mode? Open up Maps, swipe out the side menu, and tap on “Start driving.” I think you’ll like it. 

Once in either of these modes, you can fire up voice commands by saying “OK, Google” or by tapping on that microphone icon. After the 3-dot animations starts, you are free to begin controlling Maps with things like “Mute voice guidance,” “Show traffic,” “What road is this,” “What’s the weather like,” “Enable tolls,” “Find restaurants,” “Play some jazz,” or “What’s the closest hotel?”

And those are only a few examples. Google has a full cheat sheet of commands at this link.

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Via:  Google Maps Blog



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