Google’s Reported ‘Nexus Launcher’ Just Became ‘Pixel Launcher’ (Updated: Download)

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In early August, word was out that Google was renaming and redesigning its launcher experience, now carrying the name of Nexus Launcher. An .apk file for the launcher was even leaked, allowing all to enjoy it if they so chose to. Today, known HTC leakster @LlabTooFeR has provided images of the same launcher, but Google has apparently changed the name yet again, this time, to Pixel Launcher

What details can we pick from the screenshots provided by @LlabTooFeR? Quite a bit, actually. Seen in the images, the launcher appears to handle landscape pretty well, it still supports an app search directly in the drawer, and the sliding arrow at the bottom of the screen is still present to access the app drawer. Beyond that, it still looks like the same experience Google offered with the Nexus Launcher, including the little Google toggle to access Google Now.


I suppose we should also discuss the implications of this name change. As of one week ago, we are now under the impression that Google’s 2016 Nexus devices won’t be “Nexus” at all, but instead, will be marketed as Pixel devices. Because of this, it makes sense for Google to rename Nexus Launcher to Pixel Launcher. Beyond that, what is there to say?

Below, check out all of the screenshots posted to Twitter, then provide your hot take in the comments below.

Are we still happy about this Pixel > Nexus move by Google?

UPDATE: You can now download the new Pixel Launcher HERE!

pixel-launcher-3 pixel-launcher-4 pixel-launcher-8 pixel-launcher-9

pixel-launcher-1 pixel-launcher-6 pixel-launcher-5 pixel-launcher-2

Via: @LlabTooFeR [2]



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