Verizon Introduces New 12GB $80 Plan, Makes Safety Mode Free for Everyone

the verizon plan

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To take us into the weekend with more wireless plan options, Verizon announced changes to their The Verizon Plan that include a new 12GB option and the addition of Safety Mode to all plans at no extra charge. Can you believe it? Verizon is already getting rid of the shady $5 fee that only got you 128Kbps speeds. 

To recap, Safety Mode was introduced in early July as one of the highlight features of the latest changes to The Verizon Plan. With Safety Mode, Verizon was essentially giving you unlimited data, but they were slowing the speeds of your data connection to 128Kbps after you used up your high-speed data allotment for a billing cycle. This feature was only free to XL and XXL plans, and cost S, M, and L plan holders $5 per month. And you see, that’s why we continue to refer to this as “shady” or “sneaky,” because Verizon was asking their lowest tier customers to pay them $5 per month extra for 2G speeds. Think about that for a second.

So now, Safety Mode is just included with all plans as it should have been from day 1. My guess is that you still need to turn it on, though, to avoid overages.

As for the new plan, Verizon has kicked in a 12GB for $80 data bucket that is a “limited time offer.” We don’t know how long this new plan will be available, especially since there isn’t really a letter combination to fit in between L and XL. Do note that the 12GB plan comes with everything that the XL and XXL plans include, like Carryover Data, Safety Mode and international calling and texting to and from Mexico and Canada.

Here is the full plan line-up:

  • Small: 2 GB for $35/month
  • Medium: 4 GB for $50/month
  • Large: 8 GB for $70/month
  • Limited time offer: 12 GB for $80/month
  • X-Large: 16 GB for $90/month
  • XX-Large: 24 GB for $110/month
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