Relay for Reddit Jumps to V8 With New Media Viewer

relay for reddit

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Relay for reddit, the best reddit app on Android by a mile (at least in my opinion), received an update yesterday to v8 that tweaks some UI elements, but really is headlined by a new media viewer. The new media viewer adds some fun Material Design animations as you move in and out of it, now has zoomable GIFs, should load GIFs faster, and gives you a filmstrip view when in albums.  

The full list of new media viewer features is as follows:

  • Material design animations
  • Zoomable gifs
  • Streaming gifs for faster loading
  • Easier access to image text
  • Filmstip view in albums
  • HD images load at the same zoom level as the existing image
  • Vertical videos in YouTube
  • Autozoom to screen width for tall images (e.g. comics)

The updates is already live. And if you haven’t given Relay a try yet, I really do highly recommend it.

Play Links: Relay for reddit | Relay for reddit (Pro)



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