Cyanogen CEO Refutes Claims of Company’s Pivot to Apps, “We are an OS Company”

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Kirt McMaster, the current CEO of Cyanogen Inc., took to Twitter this last Saturday and this morning to briefly discuss last week’s news of the company laying off a large portion of its workforce. McMaster confirmed that the company had to “let go of some wonderful people,” but cited that disruption and startups are “brutal.”

Furthermore, McMaster spent 136 characters of his allotted 140 on Twitter to refute last week’s claims that Cyanogen Inc would be making a pivot. Said pivot would be from OS to applications. According to McMaster, “We are an OS company and our mission of creating an open Android stands.” 

Interestingly, we had multiple sources from last week state very clearly that Cyanogen would indeed be making a pivot. It is unclear whether McMaster’s comments are sincere or disguised as a way for Cyanogen leaders to announce the pivot in a not-so-depressing manner.

On the lighter side, a parody Kirt McMonster account has been created on Twitter, sharing a few funny jokes regarding the past week’s happenings.

Time will tell what’s in store for Cyanogen Inc. at this point.

Via: Kirk McMaster [2]



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