Video: Short Clip Shows Working Galaxy Note 7 In-Hand

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August 2, the date set by Samsung for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 7, is right around the corner. In fact, it’s less than two weeks away. Since we are so close to an unveiling and possible launch of the device, you can expect to see plenty of leaks taking place. The latest is a very short clip posted to YouTube, showing someone fondling the device and pressing down on its buttons, apparently testing to make sure everything is functional. As far as context goes, that’s all we have. 

From what we can see, this Galaxy Note 7 features the subtly rounded display on both sides, while also appearing rather large and very thin in this user’s hands. Even from this extremely short clip, the device looks nice.

Adding to the fun, let’s see what those on YouTube had to say about the clip.

  • “i cant wait for this bad boy note 7 is gonna be the best phone of 2017.”
  • “Great….Curved screen bs. Gonna stick with my note 4 for yet another generation.”
  • “Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but it looks just like every other Note series phone from Samsung.”
  • “The Note 7 brought to you by Melania Trump.”

Enjoy the clip, friends.




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